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Charming and very readable

The wornhole Adventures. P.M Russell: You have a cute story here. Your plot is very good and is perfect for the genre.I could picture the children you describe them very well, like painting a picture. I like that.I cant find any negatives to say about it. Your book is charming and very readable. I think many adults will also enjoy if as some light reading.The dialogue had a nice flow to it and was easy to understand.I can imagine this book being read for children as well as children reading it themselves.You have a talent for writing, please keep it up.

10 out of 10.- Mark A Cooper, author


An excellent way to introduce children to science

A boy named Paul befriends a special raven named Barnaby. Barnaby was very opinionated and never hesitated to share his knowledge of the world. He shared the location of a portal to another dimension. Together, Paul, his bother Sebastian, sister Lynn, and Barnaby set out on an adventure. Their travels would take them to meet Albert Einstein. I am a fan of any book that will interest in children I learning. The Wormhole Adventures: Travel is Relative is written in simple, easy-to-understand terms. The author introduces children to Albert Einstein, Charles Dickens, and Beatrix Potter. The Wormhole Adventures: Travel is Relative is a fun book that also happens to be educational. Parents and teachers this is an excellent way to introduce your children to science.

Reviewed by Debra Gaynor for,


All in all a wonderful book

I thought the story was lovely. I did think the beginning felt a little slow, but when I got into the story, realised the beginning sat ok. What a great idea to bring in history to a story. Not only the child gets lost in the story itself, but learns of the past. You've captured the characters well and have given them individual identities. It makes such a change to read something a little different. I'm sure any child would enjoy this book, if not reading it themselves but having it read to them. I love the cover of the book and is bound to attract the child's attention.All in all a wonderful book.

Well done!-Ruth Speed (UK)


Polished, well thought out

The Wormhole Adventures: Travel Is RelativeI thoroughly enjoyed reading this polished, well thought out extract. The author writes with a simple assurance that ensures the action develops and moves along at a nice pace. The idea of a childrens story having historical and educational elements is fresh and works very well, without being self-conscious or preachy, therefore boring. The characters are all well rounded, the dialogue sharp, and in tune with teenagers of today. On the whole, I feel this is a very impressive piece of writing, with that little bit extra to set it out from the crowd.

Review By: Neil A. Randall (UK)


A fantastic journey of childlike wonder

Title: The Wormhole Adventures: Travel Is Relative The Wormhole Adventures: Travel is Relative is a fantastic journey of childlike wonder. The introduction of a talking raven in the introductory chapter sweeps the reader with a curiosity that could only be born the desire to believe. A grand adventure ensues between three siblings and the intelligent raven as the quartet travel through time to meeting an amazing man in history. By the end of the novel, I was left wondering just who the kids would choose to visit next. As an aunt, I can not wait to read this book to my six year old nephew!I highly recommend this book for those wanting to lose themselves in the wonderment of childhood and curiosity.

This is a 4**** Star book!Review by B.B. WalterAuthor of:Sister Light: Book One: Of Shadows and more

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