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The Wormhole Adventures

A children's chapter book series that teaches young kids about history and literature. 

The Wormhole Adventures: The Dickens You Say.The children, once again, travel through time with Barnaby the raven. They meet the fascinating Victorian author, Charles Dickens. They discover many new and unusual facts about Dickens. Join them on the next adventure and learn about Dickensand Victorian England.


Paul, Sebastian and Lynn meet a raven named Barnaby. Much to their surprise Barnaby can talk! It seems that the three siblings are the only ones who can understand this bird. Barnaby takes them on an adventure through a wormhole in time. Together they travel back in time and meet Albert Einstein! Barnaby has a past himself which the kids learn about during their trip to visit Einstein. Real science and history are intertwined in this fictional tale of adventure.


About the author:

P.M. Russell, author of The Wormhole Adventures:Travel Is Relative and The Dickens You Say, has been writing for over three decades. She's had articles published in several regional and national publications. Her work ranges from children's fiction, science and adult fiction. After studying metaphysical, quantum physics and astrophysics over the last 35 years, she has incorporated these disciplines into her writing. She works in private industry and has also worked as an IT tech. The Wormhole Adventures is available now through Amazon and most book sellers. If not in stock, just ask your bookseller to order it. Her work has been published in On To Mars 2, a Mars Society publication. She was also a contributor to Choosing Easy World by Julia Rogers Hamrick. She's written and presented papers for the Mars Society at their conventions. She has also lobbied for space initiatives for the Mars Society. Ms. Russell is a long standing member of the International Women's Writing Guild (IWWG).

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